Russia, the Republic of Dagestan Kaspiysk, st. Gastello 8 Tel.: 8-928-572-74-32 e-mail:, skype: urganak1



October 30, 2008


Main / Delivery


Terms of delivery:
Price listing 192,000 roubles (about $6200). - Production of packaging, delivery to the transport company, consulting, visual images, the full set of documents. Payment for transportation made ??upon receipt of cargo.
The price at self, cash 175,000 roubles (about $5700). - Consultations, visual images, the full set of documents.
Sending in the Russian city transport companies - Zheldorekspeditsiya, CPCR. Delivery from 3 to 10 days.

Russia, the Republic of Dagestan, Kaspiysk, st. Gastello 8 tel.: 8-928-572-74-32. e-mail:, skype: urganak1

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