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URGANA - Dagestan medical miracle

January 10, 2010

January 10, 2010 11:50
There is no prophet in his own country - in this engineer from the Caspian Abdulkerim Urganaeva convince everywhere. A convincing because he invented a wonderful setting , with which you can cure almost all diseases of the spine.
Abdulkarim was the inventor of a captive . Do not think , do not wonder what ever build something like that. But it happened one day that his wife fell down the stairs , damaged spine . The injury was serious, was formed as a result of a hernia . The woman in the prime of life was practically bedridden for eight long months. Different doctors led Urganaev home, but they shrugged helplessly . Well , it is necessary to save himself a wife ! He began to look for ways - ways out of this situation. And found .
- Frankly, I had no idea how to look similar installations - says he . - I knew about them except by hearsay. Day and night puzzled as to raise his wife to his feet , after hernia are not taken to treat even the most experienced professionals . And when a family has young children, then - if you want , do not want - and figure something out ! ..
The idea of ??him , just as in our day to Mendeleev came in a dream. The rest was a matter of technique . Sketched on a piece of circuit design , Abdulkarim began its tinkering. Did the 17 modifications until his baby was not perfect. The first version was made ??of wood , the last - metal .
- The device is something like a countertop, - says the inventor . - It includes the tilting frame , moving portion and a locking cabinet under the pelvic area .
Weighs 200 pounds. All other existing in the world , such devices include the patient from the armpits to the waist , and my - from the feet to the base of the skull. The patient lies down on the installation, turn on the vibrator , and under the influence of vibration is stretching the spine under the weight of his own body. All the treatments are painless and gentle.
In an incredibly short period of time a device which , at the time , did not have either the name or patent, helped his wife Urganaeva feet. Twenty days later, she's not just free to go, but ran easily . The agony and the pain that was not the end , left behind ! .. That is , in fact, everything he wanted Abdulkarim . Therefore, it is his invention with a sense of duty removed , as they say , out of sight . And, perhaps , would have forgotten about it if it were not pals ...
- They offered me to patent the device - says Urganaev . - They say that it is gathering dust , when someone else can come in handy. I thought, well why not . Collected the necessary documents , he sent them to Moscow. He passed the test setup in the medical academy . There she experienced a year . As it turned out , my invention has no analogues in the world ... The patent received four years later - in 2006 .
Obtaining a patent - it volokitnoe . And then there's the risk of plagiarism ! .. After all, all and sundry , copy the invention. Try to then prove that it's you and not someone else , its true author ! Those wishing to nestle 's fame rife. Abdulkarim coped with this problem so he called his brainchild URGANA ( from the name of Urganaev ) and co-authored numerous petitioners put aside his alone.
The rumor spread through the magical setting of the Caspian little fast. By Abdulkerimov began to turn for help anyone who has problems with the spine. And he helped them . At first, his friends , and then friends of friends , and so the chain ....
- Who has not come to me ! .. - Says the inventor. - Among my patients have children and the elderly . I was a young guy , a dentist , in a very serious condition. Once they are with friends indulged in the sea. One pulled him by the arm , the other - by the feet . Sudden movement and trauma of the cervical vertebra. He could not even help in the clinic Burdenko . And on my machine it has become easier after the first procedure . Two or three weeks - and he finally recovered .
- Do not have failures? - I'm interested .
- In seven years, there were only two occasions when the machine is not able to help . Positive results - by 90-95 percent - he answers .
Cervical, thoracic and lumbosacral osteochondrosis , scoliosis, kifeskolioz - this is an incomplete list of diseases that no trace remains after the procedure to install a stationary vibrodekompressionnoy URGANA ( full official name of his invention). Plus, it can be used to increase the growth , eliminate bending the legs, relieve muscle tension after intensive exercise , which is useful for athletes. And really - this unit an amazing find ! ..
In addition to it Abdulkarim invented and mobile facility for the treatment and correction of the spine , as well as a trainer for strengthening the muscular system . Simply put , it's a bit of the lumbar and thoracic belt. They are used in conjunction with procedures for URGANA. However, these patent their inventions engineer did not - tired of paperwork. In the courtyard of his house he built a mini- shop and do the installation alone. According to him, if you run a production on stream , it will need a total of eight workers of various specialties .
And yet with all the work he manages one. About her yet few people know. Urganaev appealed to the Ministry of Health of Dagestan. Apparatus Ministry interested . It was purchased four copies that are distributed across different medical institutions of the country. This, of course , is not enough. After all, people who are in need of a lot of this equipment . However, everything comes down to money. The budget but ...
" But people want to help - says Abdulkarim . - If there is a real opportunity to get rid of many ailments spine, why not take advantage of . Of course, I can not continue to accept patients in their own homes . But, you would be better off if these experts will be engaged in their respective hospitals. The head of the district administration Dahadaevskogo Dzharula Lobster bought two phones . One set in a hospital population Urkarah , the other - in Kubachi . Ordered another for the other villages. The other district leaders are silent.
Abdulkarim told URGANA in the national press , but journalists' reports do not solve the problem. Is that all suffer from back pain at his home has increased. Through the internet learned about vibrodekompressionnoy installation and Moscow. Urganaeva invited to the transfer of " Malakhov Plus". Finally, the inventor of the happy , the case will move forward . But there it was !
- I have brought to the capital of a mobile facility for the treatment and correction of the spine , and the main unit ( it weighs 200-300 pounds ) took video - says Abdulkarim . - To my surprise, the interest in URGANA Muscovites did not show . Unfortunately, this does not pass over the show. All that I was allowed to say - this is what I have created a set of equipment , and brought with him only one of them, the simplest ...
So goes the inventor still , pestering officials' offices. Excited, haltingly talks about his brainchild , its use. Ye men in suits and ties listen , nod , looking at his watch , smiling politely . How hopelessly ill promise to think , to call and ... everything. Else in his place would have long ago gave up , but Abdulkarim Urganaev not lose hope ...


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