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October 30, 2008


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Magomedov Akhmedkhan, Magomedov Akhmedkhan

Welcome Abdulkarim Magomedovich. I am a former patient of yours with three hernia. After your treatments I felt much better and for two years no pain does not bother me. I want to bring my wife and mother in law, one-two protrusions, and the other chondrosis and curvature of the spine. Write when you were able to give us time. Best regards.

Kurban Shabanov , Kurban Shabanov

Welcome Urganaev AM I went to you for treatment a year ago. I had a herniated L4-L5 and L5-S1. I could not walk, the pain gave up. When I made ??you all the procedures is stopped aching leg and back. Thank you for that. I'm going on vacation to bring to you a son and a daughter. They have curvature of the spine and chondrosis. I hope you will take us.

Nabi, Nabi

Dear Abdukarim Magomedovich! I used to be treated by you, on the advice of several of my friends who also have been treated successfully for your installation. I had a hernia 8mm. After the treatment you have, I feel pretty and did not care. I would like to ask if I could bring my friends who are also problems with the spine. One friend - chondrosis, with the curvature of the spine. The second - a protrusion, with displacement of vertebrae. The third - intervertebral hernia. Thank you in advance.

Russia, the Republic of Dagestan, Kaspiysk, st. Gastello 8 tel.: 8-928-572-74-32. e-mail:, skype: urganak1

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